Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

With over 1,000 islands, spectacular music festivals, along with a spectacular rocky shore washed from the cleanest, Mediterranean seas, Croatia is a dreamy summer destination, however its unspoilt character, lively cultural scenery, and priceless architectural marvels could be appreciated regardless of the year.

What to see in Croatia depends upon your particular tastes and pursuits, as this intriguing small nation on the Adriatic has everything you can ask for, and then some. Listed below are 15 of the most gorgeous areas this unique, sophisticated nation has to offer you.

One of Croatia’s most famous beaches, the UNESCO-protected Plitvice Lakes National Park is a fairyland of cascading emerald lakes, bubbling waterfalls, and lush greenery. Quite a few wooden footbridges and trekking trails meander through this exotic paradise inhabited by wolves, brown bears, and more than 160 species of birds, giving visitors panoramic views and superb photo opportunities.

Stradun, Dubrovnik’s Most Important street:

Also called Placa, Stradun in Dubrovnik’s most famous and gorgeous street. Cutting through the Old Town, the 300 meters long promenade paved with marble joins the city’s eastern and western gates and can be lined with elegant historic buildings, many of which home pleasant cafes and shops.

Built in the 1st century AD, Pula Arena is among the world’s largest surviving Roman amphitheaters along with also the best preserved historical monument in Croatia. Once used for gladiator fights, the stadium is currently the middle of their town’s cultural life, hosting many different events, exhibitions, and concerts, such as the Pula Film Festival in July.

Venetian-era forests, purple lavender fields, and also a yacht-studded Renaissance harbor — that can be Hvar, the sunniest and most glamorous of Croatian islands. Located in the Adriatic Seaoff the Dalmatian coast, Hvar is distinguished by green, unspoilt landscapes and small, pebbly beaches lapped by calm, blue seas. Natural charms apart, Hvar Town attracts well-heeled travelers with its own pedestrian marble roads, posh restaurants, and trendy party places.

Covering 31,000 sq meters, Diocletian’s Palace occupies over a half of Split Old Town and is among the planet’s grandest, best preserved Roman ruins. These days, approximately 3,000 people live within the marble and white cherry complicated, that is home to 220 buildings along with various pubs, stores, and restaurants.

Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

Dubrovnik from over:

Whether you choose the cable car around Mount Srd or even choose to walk the ancient city walls, then the more postcard-worthy red roofs and bright blue waters of Dubrovnik could be best appreciated from over.

The strangely lovely Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brac alters its shape based on wave and current. Bordered by pine trees, the white pebble shore extends to the glowing blue Adriatic Sea, making for a superb surfing and kitesurfing destination.

After a significant marine and business centre, Mali Lošinj is your greatest island city in the Adriatic. It is determined by the lush Croatian island Lošinj, famous for its fresh sea air, and homes an alluring historical quarter and a picturesque all-natural harbor lined with tasteful, pastel-colored Mediterranean structure.

A bunch of steep cobbled streets, charming piazzas, and Venetian-style homes, Italian-flavored Rovinj is one of the prettiest cities in Croatia. Floating like an island in the blue Adriatic Sea, its own postcard-perfect Old Town is teeming with pubs, restaurants, and art galleries, while glamorous yachts and old fishing boats stand side by side from the harbor.

Graced with cutting edge artwork installations and perspectives of the most beautiful sunset in the world, the shore of Zadar is just one of Croatia’s most distinctive sights. Designed by local architect Nikola Bašić and motivated by character, the Greetings to the Sun and the neighboring Sea program fascinate passersby with excellent shows of sounds and lights.

Inspired by medieval walls, the UNESCO-protected historical city of Trogir is determined by a little island and can be a treasure trove of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Charming Italian pizzerias and conventional knobs (local restaurants) struggle for space on its own with narrow cobblestone roads, while vibrant outdoor cafes lure people with fresh seafood and foamy cappuccinos across the extensive seafront promenade overlooking the Dalmatian Coast.

Kornati Islands:

Together with their crystal-clear blue waters, magnificent cliffs, and magnificent bays, the rocky Kornati Islands just off the northern Dalmatian coast are a sailor’s paradise. Consisting of 140 roughly uninhabited islands, this is actually the Med’s densest archipelago and one of Croatia’s most breathtaking and distinctive all-natural parks.

Stiniva Beach, Vis Island:

Called the best beach in Europe from European Best Destinations (2016), Stiniva on the island of Vis is a secluded white shingle cove snuggled between towering rocky shore and lapped from the clearest turquoise waters you have ever seen.

Visovac Monastery:

Place on a little island at the middle of the lake in Croatia’s Krka National Park, the centuries-old Visovac Monastery is a sight to behold. Besides its spiritual significance and beautiful assortment of paintings and archaeological finds, this sacred area surrounded by towering cypress trees is a haven of serenity and subtropical plant.


Many men and women see Croatia for its unquestionable coastal attractions, but a number of them understand that additional inland, the panoramic landscapes and hilltop medieval hamlets of Istria resemble the Tuscany of the past. 1 such location is Motovun, a quaint walled city perched on top of a mountain over quite vineyards, truffle-rich woods, along with also the 53-km-long Mirna River.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations:

You can not leave the nation without seeing some of the Sport of Thrones filming locations. One of the most evocative are Minceta Tower (walls of Dubrovnik) — used to portray the House of the Undying; town of Kaštel Gomilica (only external Split) — used as a background for its Free City of Braavos; Diocletian’s Palace in Split; also as Dubrovnik Old Town and different locations across town, which exemplified King’s Landing, Qarth, and Slaver’s Bay in Season two.

Other 7 interesting facts about Croatia:

Croatia is rapidly turning into a travel hotspot, and with great reason. I enjoyed every minute of my journeys through this former Communist state and was just as amazed by what I found there. If you are arranging a trip, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of whether you would like to be a much better educated traveler and perhaps even impress the natives.

1. Over Dubrovnik — This coastal town has become easily the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, welcoming countless individuals from cruises and through land each year. It is among those few areas most Americans can easily name and regrettably is generally all we know more about the nation. But there’s so much diversity located around the nation that while Dubrovnik must be seen, so in case the other cities of Croatia.

2. While he had been born of parents, Tesla is famous around the nation, from figurines to occasions in his honour. Why? Since he had been amazing, as if he could happen to be an extraterrestrial amazing. He developed the switching current way of delivering power (AC) and electricity generation systems in which nearly all electric power remains delivered now. Tesla developed the procedures that resulted in the radio in addition to some other kinds of wireless shipping. Neon and fluorescent light are his, as are radar, faxes and innumerable different thoughts far, far, far before the time. He was amazing, he’s virtually unknown now and Croatia looks alone in recognizing that without him the contemporary life all of us enjoy today would not be possible.

3. Fantastic food — I have written about this earlier, but I was surprised by the grade of all meals in Croatia. Not so! Croatia has a proud and long culinary heritage drawing on its natural resources, in addition to influences from Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. The cuisine varies widely, from thicker meat based dishes from the countryside to delicious Italian dishes across the coasts. Regardless of what you choose to try however, I believe that you’re going to be just as amazed as I was by how amazing Croatia’s culinary supplies are.

4. The word for this new fad comes out of a commingling of phrases to get Croatians, the French and the Croatian to form the term cravat. Afterwards French aristocracy took an interest at the tie, which obviously meant everybody did too.

5. Zagreb is fantastic — It was not until after a colleague educated me mentioning how fine Zagreb is that I knew how frequently people ignore Croatia’s capital. Sure, it might not be as fairly as Dubrovnik or provide the magnificent sunsets of Zadar, but Zagreb is a must-include town on your tour of the nation. I discovered the town to be fun and lively, with a great deal of excellent restaurants and tons of websites to keep me occupied for days.

6. From the EU although not around the Euro — About July 1, 2013 Croatia formally joined the European Union, but that isn’t the exact same thing as embracing the frequent currency called the Euro. There are myriad benefits for countries who decide to look for accession into the category, but not all of facets fall into place at once or perhaps whatsoever. If Croatia would like to join the European Monetary System, then they are going to have to go through a different approvals procedure that’ll take years. EU countries do not need to engage however, the United Kingdom may be the best instance of an opt-out country. So once you see leave the Euros in your home and rather pick up any kunas, the official currency of Croatia.

7. There is no war I can not think how many otherwise smart individuals have expressed concerns to me about seeing Croatia due to the war. Nearly 20 decades back. The very same folks don’t look to mind travel to Vietnam or even Germany, and the exact same logic must apply. Did Croatia endure a savage war of liberty from the early-mid 1990s? Yes, they failed and around the nation you can still see the consequences of the bitter battle. However, that war is long since over and the only real thing about travel in Croatia is ingesting an excessive amount of Pag cheese. So get over this, the war is finished, Croatia is secure and you ought to move there.