As we all know tents are the most important thing which is to be carried while moving on a camp. But unfortunately many people are not aware of choosing the best camping tents. This is because there are different types of camping tents in the market. The tents are greatly classified based on the material and design in which they are made. The below mentioned are certain types of tents which are highly trending in the market in current scenario.

Canvas tents

The canvas tents are considered to be the traditional tents which are highly used right from the early days. There are two different types of canvas tents which include PVC coated canvas tents and Poly cotton canvas tents.

Dome tents

This is one of the most popular kinds of tents preferred in current scenario. A great advantage of using this tent is they are quite easy to install and handle. People who don’t want to spend much for their camping tent can switch over their option to dome tents as they are highly affordable when compared to that of other kinds of tents.

Tunnel tents

The tunnel tents will be the best choice for people who want some extra space. People who are moving with their family and friends can prefer to choose the tunnel tents. As these tents tend to provide large space for accommodation, they will quite heavier to carry. However, they will be more comfortable and tend to provide the feel of home.

Pop up tents

In the recent days, the attention towards pop up tents is highly increasing. People who don’t want to put forth more effort for installation can choose this type of tent without any constraint. The only drawback of this tent is they are quite expensive when compared to that of dome tents.